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Lert Info
96 London St
Dunedin, New Zealand 9016
Ph: 027 733 8528


Lert Info was launched in November 2012 after a lot of mulling over what could be done in the event of another Christchurch-earthquake-like emergency.
The concept had been offered to the Government some years back but they couldn't see the potential.

Civil Defence produced a report that effectively put it in the "too-hard basket" in terms of cost and the difficulty of sending txts to specific locations.

OUR MISSION - to provide NZ's most comprehensive "heads up" alert service

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The team behind Lert Info is experienced in communications, sales, marketing, web and software design. They continually improve the system to bring you the best.

The service is the leader in public alerting, both in the way we send alerts and also the range of alert types we cover.

We are dedicated to improving the service and have improvements planned for later this year that will make our service a world leader.