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Push alerts by Txt, App or email are acknowledged as the best way, by far, of staying informed, and is why Civil Defence use them. Alerts are all we do! We can alert you to things others don't know about or you'd not find easily yourself.

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"...Awesome service!! Has definitely saved me a few times.
Thank you.
– Callum Tews

"I love the Lert service, it's saved me quite a few headaches with the inclement weather we get round these parts and frankly, I think $2 is far too cheap."
– Nigel

"Lert Info is amazing. It was incredible during all of Canterbury's events. I am a flight attendant, so feel safe with this system."
– Lee

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"Thanks for the service, lertinfo is really great and works a treat for road transport. The alerts really have saved us time when working out of town. Cheers"
– Mike Hedley, Transport Assistance Ltd

Latest six of 7 Live alerts - for NZ

21 Sep 2021
*Lert* Src= Police 19:11
Missing woman, since early August: 41-year-old Amaria Whatuira of Dunedin. Poss anywhere in Sth Is. Pics- More Info
 +18:54 hrs
[South Is]
21 Sep 2021
*Lert* Src= NZTA 16:31
Road closed till Wed Morn. SH94 to Milford, avalanche risk More Info
 +6:14 hrs
[Milford Rd]
21 Sep 2021
*Lert* Src= MetServ 10:31
Wind Watch: 9pm Wed to 9am Thurs. N to NE winds may reach severe gale in exposed places. More Info
 +1 days, 8:14 hrs
[Northland + Auck + Barrier]
21 Sep 2021
*Lert* Src= MetServ 10:29
Rain watch: 6pm Tues to 6am Wed. Amount may reach warning levels. More Info
 +6:13 hrs
[Buller and Westland from Greymouth North]
21 Sep 2021
*Lert* Src= MetServ 10:26
Rain watch: 2pm Wed to 2pm Thurs. Amount may reach warning levels. More Info
 +1 days, 12:10 hrs
[Motueka W]
21 Sep 2021
*Lert* Src= MetServ 10:24
Rain watch: 9pm Wed to 9am Thur. May approach short term warning levels. More Info
 +1 days, 10:07 hrs
[Northland (Reg)]

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