Your Phone CAN Save Your Life

   With emergency info direct to your phone

  • New Zealand's national alert service
  • All alert types (road users go here)
  • Quicker alerts keeping you & your family safer

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Two services:

Price of 4 cups of coffee
Alerts specific to your suburb and your preferences
On your phone in 10 seconds
90% read Txts within 3 minutes ("Salesforce IQ")
Can help you or your family almost immediately.
You'll know before your friends and can tell them.

Basic Alerts
Inefficient delivery, many minutes delivery time sometimes
Only 13% of people check e-mails hourly. (Relevancy Group)
You may not know for perhaps an hour that we've sent an alert.
Delays can put you and your family at risk.

The information we provided was texted out to Lert Info recipients within five minutes of us advising Lert. Well done!

Chris Raine
Emergency Services Manager
Waitaki District Council

How Lerts Help You

  1. You can get information before you know something is up
  2. Near real-time updates
  3. Location based alerts
  4. A trusted service and followed by many Civil Defence regions for additional information
  5. See our Facebook page for "rolling" updates

alerts to phone

Got e-mail and txt -
great service and hugely accurate.

Philip Duncan

We are an AMP Scholarship winner for 2015 - see video

Running an organisation? Mass txting

Long distance driver? Use Road Lerts

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