Your cell phone
- could be your lifesaver

   Direct to your phone and e-mail:

  • Tsunami alerts
  • Severe weather warnings
  • Civil Defence emergency info
  • Police, Public Health and Council alerts
  • And any other critical notification

Be among the first to know!                    191,083 lerts sent

Emergency and safety alerts can now be sent straight to your phone for any emergency or safety alert

NZ's only dedicated National Alerting Service

Alerts are sent to you when they happen, based in your preferences. They can be sent as Txt &/or E-mail. View the most recent lerts

We receive information from over 120 sources, and alerts relevant to you are sent as soon as possible.

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Get real-time alerts!

Two choices:
Preferred choice for many
Extremely reliable
Get lerts immediately Txt and E-mail
Has backup delivery
Great investment in your safety at only $19.95/yr
Designed for people that need and want fast information where the price is worth it.

Standard Service
Much slower than the Premier Service
E-mail only
No backup delivery
No charge
For people that want something and don't mind the lesser service.