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  • All alerts bought together in one one source
  • Weather, civil defence, police, health...
  • Faster alerts keeping you safer

Get alerts sent straight to you!

You don't have to search for emergency alerts - we send you Text Alerts from over 120 sources

LERT INFO is New Zealand's only innovative and complete emergency alerting service.

It's the only alert service that can send geo-targeted txt alerts based on your preferred location; usually your home suburb.

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We also keep you informed through FaceBook although it's not usually used for alerts because only 1 in 10 people get postings. This is because of the way the Facebook has changed their algorithm for posts.

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Two choices:
Extremely reliable txt alerts with e-mail backup

Never faltered in two years of operation.
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Basic Service
Slow e-mail service with no backup
(Suffers delays)
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