Your Phone CAN Save Your Life

   Emergency info direct to your phone

  • New Zealand's national alert service
  • All alert types (road users go here)
  • Quicker alerts to keep you & your family safer

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Two services:

Txt & E-mail - Premium
Immediate alert delivery
You typically read within seconds
Far superior delivery method - keeps you safer

E-mail - Basic
Often delayed by internet servers
You may read them too late

How Lerts Help You

  1. You can get information before you know something is up
  2. Near real-time updates
  3. Location based alerts
  4. A trusted service and followed by many Civil Defence regions for additional information
  5. See our Facebook page for "rolling" updates

alerts to phone

During the recent Tsunami warning for the East Coast, a friend of mine in Wahi Beach was woken by a Lert from you guys to evacuate. He was the only one in his neighbourhood to have any sort of warning as there is no siren at Bowingtown. [...] He was able to rouse his neighbours
Warren Walker

AMP Scholarship winner for 2015 - see video

Running an organisation? Mass txting

Long distance driver? Use Road Lerts

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